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Press Releases with a Pitch!

Using Pitch PR’s proprietary 7-step proven press release process - we distribute/ publish press releases that get picked up in key media outlets beyond the wire service placements. While Pitch PR utilizes wire services for the permanent link, the wire service very rarely garners media placements. Press releases that are strategically and individually pitched to key journalists result in earned media placements which is why press releases with a pitch work. That’s Pitch PR.



We recognize that a 12-month PR retainer is not the best solution for every business. However, there are cases when brands have news to share with their key audiences and stakeholders which requires a press release to go beyond the wire services.

Pitch PR is not just a press release distribution or press release site. There are hundreds of those already. Pitch PR is a true public relations company powered by the award-winning TrizCom Public Relations with decades of experience pitching and placing news content (also known as earned media) for our clients. We have an impressive track record of success with tier one placements, trade publications and everything in between.

In our decades of experience, we have learned that press releases placed only on a wire service, rarely get picked up and placed beyond the wire service’s guaranteed network. Simply put, journalists are not using wire services to get their story ideas (with the exception of Fortune 100 companies). This is why Pitch PR generates more attention to news releases by making unique one-on-one personalized pitches on behalf of our clients to secure their desired media coverage.


First we assign you a PR account manager who has extensive media relations experience. We then review your objectives, stakeholders, content, assets and targeted publications to formulate a personalized approach to get your news in front of your key audiences. Next, your account manager will implement Pitch PR’s proprietary 7-step proven process:

  • Create the press release and optimize for SEO using your keywords (write, edit for AP Style and finalize)

  • Build your company’s personalized media list

  • Distribute the news release on a wire service and email the press release individually to your customized media list

  • Pitch the release to a targeted list of outlets/journalists with tailored messaging for each

  • Follow Up with pitched outlets to maximize opportunity for coverage

  • Coordinate media interview requests and act as your press office

  • Report your press release results and compile an interactive CoverageBook

Pitch PR Process graph2.png


Pitch PR, powered by TrizCom Public Relations, was created to assist project-based clients with their press release distribution and placement needs.

We know that earned media placements increase a brand’s awareness and consideration. Press releases that get turned into stories within key publications/outlets attract new customers as well as garner the attention of influencers, stakeholders and investors.

Take your press release to the next level with Pitch PR!




Standard Pitch PR - $3,000

  • Experienced Public Relations Specialist

  • Personalized Pitch Plan

  • Pitch PR’s Proprietary 7-Step Proven Process

    • Create

      • Write or revise your release up to 600 words

      • Optimize for SEO using your keywords

      • Assist with your boiler plate

      • Insert your logo and 1 image/video

      • Insert your assigned account manager’s contact information for the media

      • Allow for 2 revisions

      • Conduct one external editorial review for AP Style

      • Create a PDF of your news release

    • Build

      • Research and generate your company’s personalized media list

      • Your top 20 key outlets

      • Up to 50 trade outlets

      • Up to 100 news/blogs/digital outlets

    • Distribute

      • Place the news release on Accesswire with one industry target

        • Other wire services like PRNewswire/Business Wire/Marketwired may have an additional cost

      • Send the press release via email to your personalized media list

    • Pitch

      • Email the release with a unique pitch tailored to each of your top 20 key outlets/journalists

    • Follow Up

      • Connect with pitched outlets to maximize opportunity for coverage via email/phone/social media

    • Coordinate

      • Respond and schedule media interview requests as needed

      • Provide journalists with company backgrounders and assets upon request

      • Pitch PR becomes your temporary public relations/press office

    • Report

      • Daily monitoring of your company’s brand for 3-weeks post distribution

      • Regular updates of key placements

      • Comprehensive end-of-campaign interactive report provided by CoverageBook (a searchable coverage vault of all of your results)

        • Clip placement coverage (up to 100 clips)

        • Online readership

        • Estimated coverage views

        • Links from coverage

        • Social media shares

        • Average domain authority

      • Broadcast media coverage (If your news is placed on broadcast media, we have the ability to pull national and local coverage although an additional fee may apply)

      • Accesswire’s PR.Report