Use PR when sales are good

By: Martin Stein, Pitch PR Powered By TrizCom PR

It’s been said that when the economy or sales are good, don’t bother with public relations. The thinking is that when times are flush, that’s when businesses should either spend money on expensive advertising or don’t spend any money at all because – Hey! – things are great.

Am I the only one who read about the ant and the grasshopper?

In one of Aesop’s better known stories, an ant toils and sweats during the summer to store up food while a grasshopper takes things easy – relaxing, working on his tan and mocking the ant for working so hard when there’s plenty of food all over and the weather is perfect. But winter comes as it always does, the temperature drops, and the food disappears. Now it’s the ant’s turn to feel smug and the grasshopper’s turn to shiver with cold and hunger. In the version I remember, the grasshopper dies.

How is this any different than most companies’ PR strategies? Business, like the seasons, is cyclical and hard times are always just around the corner. The time to invest in building your reputation and increasing your customer base is in the summer of your commerce so that when winter hits, you’ll have stored up enough good reputation to make it through until spring.

Dollar for dollar, public relations is a wiser investment than advertising. One article placement may have the same value as a one-time ad, but that’s not counting the trust that comes from your story being told by a third-party source – not to mention the value when that initial article is shared on social media and syndicated out to multiple online outlets.

Additionally, PR educates the consumer while advertising relies on the consumer already knowing all about your product or service. In other words, public relations is the much-needed foundation to a successful display ad campaign. Without putting PR first, you’re simply wasting money with ad buys.

With all this being the case, why would any business choose not to use the most cost-effective method to prepare for winter while the sun still shines?

Martin Stein is vice president of Pitch PR Powered by TrizCom PR

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