Are You Ready For PR



At PitchPR, we’re in the success business. To determine if you are ready for PR, can you answer all of the following in the affirmative? 

☐ You know WHO you are and what your startup offers: If you don’t absolutely know what your startup is, PR will be a waste of time and money. In order to conduct an effective PR campaign, it’s important that branding and PR efforts support each another. Otherwise, there can be a major disconnect and neither tactic will be successful. Here is what you need to be able to do…ask yourself:  What is my startup in four or less sentences?


☐ You can outline clear goals:  If a startup does not have a clear understanding of its goals, it will be impossible for us to do our job effectively. We are in the success business. Ask yourself the following:  What problem or challenge do you solve and how? What are your top business goals for the coming year and are they reachable? Goals should include: investor goals, number of client and prospect acquisitions, and increase of website traffic by a certain percentage, etc. What sets you apart from your competition?

Acquire new users/logins/sell more product?

Raise funding

You need a major market change or legislative change


☐ You can allot a PR budget:  This is what makes PitchPR different from most traditional PR agencies – we recognize that you are a startup with limited funds. We have reduced prices strictly available for DEC members. We have three tiers of service that can take you from PR 101 to monthly retainer client. The price range is $150 to $2500 a month, ranging from a few hours to 20 hours a month. We require an investment from you.


☐ You have PR stories to tell:  Some startups have the belief that PR professionals can make publicity magic happen by just calling a reporter. That is certainly not the case. We need something to work with. Here are some important questions to ask: 

Is your startup product or service unique?

Do you have a story to tell?

Is there a launch coming up?

Are there any prominent people associated with your company – founder, BOD, funders?

Do you have an interesting backstory or human interest angle?


☐ Do you know who your competition is: This is a hot button for many entrepreneurs and startups. When asked this question, many will reply, we don’t have any competition. We are the only one’s doing this. Everyone has competition. The sooner you recognize this the sooner you will move forward.


☐ Can you identify your target market: Who are you targeting? Funders? Consumers? Businesses? Moms? Restaurant owners? Fortune 500?


☐ You have the time:  No one will know your company as well as you – this includes your PR firm. Good PR firms want relationship investments. We want time with your founder(s), your CEO and your senior executives and to be looked at as trusted partners. Depending on the engagement level, a client working with PitchPR needs to dedicate the time and attention to work with us. You must be able to carve out some time to discuss topics, approve press materials and answer questions. It’s critical for a PR client to be available and responsive on email/telephone/text messaging. Nothing eats hours faster than having to follow up multiple times for approvals, interview requests and pitch topics. And, most importantly, a client must have one or more individuals dedicated and available for in-person and phone interviews with news reporters.


☐ You understand that PR is a marathon not a sprint: A solid public relations campaign takes consistently telling your story, being the media source and contribution to thought leadership. We never recommend just sending one press release or tying your campaign around a milestone.


☐ Do you have a point of view or opinion: This is critical for startups. It is important that you have an opinion or a point of view on industry trends, topics and news. This will set you apart from other startups competing for the same news space as you.


☐ Your founder and/or CEO is available and media friendly: Let’s face it, you are in the process of building your company, product, service. Does your founder/CEO have time to do interviews (on the journalists timeline, not theirs) and stay on message?


The final check box is specifically for prospective PitchPR clients:


☐ Are you ready to learn and sit side by side with your PR account executive: At PitchPR we are able to offer PR services at a reduced rate because we will depend on you, the startup, to dig in and get your hands dirty. Many of the hours needed for a successful campaign will be things you can do. If you answered yes, than lets get started telling the world your story one journalist at a time.